Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Miracle of a Hair Stylist

Have you ever been cocky enough to think, "I could never be more stressed than I am right now." Only to discover there were dozens of levels above your current state of chaos? I have been amazed at the heights I have been able to take stress to - particularly the last 4 weeks. If it were an Olympic sport I would be a contender for the gold medal.

As I have been hitting my maximum peak stress performance I decided I needed a break! What better pick me up than a visit to Suzanne, my fabulous friend and stylist. What is it about how our hair looks that changes how we feel about the world in general? I always like to pretend that I am not shallow enough to have my mood determined by my unruly locks...and yet...when they look good I feel good. I can't change my weight in a couple of hours - but Suzanne is able to make me look better and feel better all through the magic of scissors, words of wisdom and a good scalp massage. I am starting to wonder if the stylists chairs are made out of the same stuff as Wonder Woman's golden lasso. Once you sit in the chair - WHAM! - your world starts spilling out. As the split ends and faded color falls to the ground - so do my worries, concerns and stress. She is the "Anti-Olympic Stress trainer." (That made some sort of sense in my head.)

So, new hair style gives me the sense, even if it is only temporary, that I have a new lease on life. I am in charge of how my day...my life will go....at least until I try to make my hair do this by myself tomorrow.