Saturday, May 15, 2010

A few observations on painting...

1. How can my muscles be so sore from painting?

2. I know I must be gaining "contractor" skills because my pants keep slipping down as I work.

3. My Sister-in-Law's mother can paint in stilettos and look amazing. I look like I have been finger painting with a wild group of small children. More like full body painting...

4. It is 7:30 on Saturday night...we have only prepped (takes FOREVER to fill all those little nail holes and caulk) and primed the two bathrooms since yesterday. I am now terrified of the living room. It has never seemed so large.

5. When I go to people's houses I'm going to start complimenting their walls. Not the color, just the mere fact that they have paint on them.

6. Now I know why my brother paints his walls and ceilings the same color. Was 3 tone such a great idea?

7. Who wants to have a paint party?


Jen said...

Oh, Michelle! The prep is the worst by far, give me prepped walls and I am happy. My living room STILL has no artwork/pictures on the walls, and we painted it 4 years ago! The time it took to de-wallpaper, fix holes, sand, tape, etc. was enormous. I just can't bring myself to deface the work.

Jill said...

It is an ordeal to paint for sure. I have no idea how Susan can paint in stilettos and nice clothes, I am a mess for sure and have to wear my grubbiest of clothes just to be safe.

michelle said...

The prep work is definitely the most tedious and time-consuming! I hope you're taking before and after photos, I can never quite believe the transformation that a couple of coats of paint can provide.

#5 made me laugh.