Saturday, April 3, 2010

Story #35 Nicole

When Bob and I decided we were ready for a baby the doctor and fertility drugs quickly came into the scene. Taking temperatures and expensive pills all to see those 2 blue lines on the pregnancy test. When I finally got that result (at 4:00am) I couldn't contain myself....I was THRILLED!

Nicole was born 3 weeks early and was a tiny 6 pound 17 inch little one. I remember when it was time to leave the hospital. Bob had gone to retrieve the car and the nurse went to get the discharge papers. I was left with this beautiful tiny creature that I was supposed to dress. It didn't go well. I thought, "Why did you leave me alone with her? I don't know what I'm doing!" Somehow it worked out.

When Nicole was 6 months old, Bob was working full-time and attending graduate school in the evenings. He was pretty much gone form 7 - 10 every day. Most everyone on my street worked full it was me and Nicole...without a lot of socializing options.

Having read far too many parenting books, I was always concerned that I did things just right. I knew it was important to narrate the day for Nicole - and with it just being the two of us - I felt like I needed to make things really interesting. I spent so much time talking to her I would sometimes get hoarse by the end of the day. I was fairly certain that her first words were going to be "Mom, SHUT UP!" (They weren't, by the way, her first word, at 8 months, was bear. There were pictures of bears right above her changing table so I would always talk about the bears and make up stories about them to entertain us both.

She was always around the -20% for height and weight, so you can imagine how shocking it was when she would start speaking. By 12 months she was saying 2 word phrases - which is incredibly early....but since she was about the size of a 4-5 month old...well, you can imagine the reactions we would get when we were out running errands.

She was in no hurry to walk, however, so it was just shy of 18 months that she finally took her first steps. How ironic that one of her favorite past times now is to go running.

She has invented many great words over the years - most of which we still use:

Shun-oh - Lotion

Chidder - kids, children, etc.

Pwa-pwaps - okay we don't use that one - I just think it sounds funny.

Dad-oo - What she called Bob for she calls him George. We don't know why.

Pa-ba - what she called Grandpa Bob for years.

Cereal with yum-yums - Oatmeal with brown sugar.

We always read stories before bedtime....this was the debate process that took place:

Me: Go get 3 books to read.

Nicole: I'll get 7.
Me: Nope, just 3.

Nicole: How about 7?

Me: Okay - how about 4?

Nicole: 8?

Me: You don't seem to be catching on to the negotiation process.

At the age of 7 she announced to all of the children at Christy's daycare that there was no Santa Claus - or Tooth Fairy. It was not a good day at Christy's daycare. (And, by the way, I wanted her to enjoy believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Her announcement to all the daycare kids was the first I knew about her doubts. Turkey.)

She has grown into an incredibly talented, wonderful girl....I mean young woman.

I don't know anyone who tries harder to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ. She reads her scriptures everyday without any nagging from us. She takes her commitment to the Lord very seriously for which I have great admiration.

You ask her to do something, she does it. What parent doesn't want that quality for their child?

She is a great pianist, in spite of very petite and always cold hands.

She is a lover of books - hurrah!

She is a great student....usually all A's.

She is an award winning artist!
She has a fabulous sense of humor.
She is drop dead gorgeous.

She is a great friend - easy to talk to and fun to be around. I adore her.

Aren't I the luckiest Mom?


michelle said...

You are a lucky mom for sure!

Nicole was such an adorable, tiny girl. I loved the way she would take people off guard with her small stature and articulate ways.

I had forgotten about some of her words, like dad-oo. Funny.

She is a beautiful and admirable young woman!

Jill said...

Wow, 6 pounds is tiny!

It's cracking me up thinking of you narrating the entire day to her so much so that you ended up being hoarse. What a good mom!

Erica said...

loving your cute blog! i want you to know that i read owen 3 stories every night - because i learned it from you guys! serious, i remember babysitting and the three books at your house. i guess it stuck with me! thanks!!