Friday, April 16, 2010


The pressure to finish the stories is mounting. I want to finish them, but I will be honest - I know that certain people are expecting a story about them....but it may not all be a bed of roses - you know? The whole point of the stories was to be 100% me - but I don't want to offend...any thoughts?

After the earthquake in China, Kristen turned to me and said, "We're next." There was an earth quake in Utah yesterday....hmmm. Psychic?

I really don't think Prince Charming in Cinderella was all that charming. I mean he danced with her all night and never found out her name? Hello!

The checker at 7-11 spent a full 5 minutes telling me I shouldn't drink diet coke, after I purchased a big gulp. Do you think her boss knows?

On Wednesday, on my way to pick up Kristen from dance, I went through Wendy's drive through to get her something to eat - since she goes straight from dance to church. This was my ordering experience.

Me: May I please have a jr. bacon cheeseburger?

Wendy's woman: The bacon will be 80 cents extra.

Me: confused's on your $1 menu.

Wendy's woman: Right (annoyed) but if you want it in your kids meal it will be 80 cents extra.

Me: I don't want a kids meal.

Wendy's woman: So you just want the sour cream and chives potato?

Me: (very, very confused) I think you're looking at someone else's order. I just want a jr bacon cheeseburger and a value french fry.

Wendy's woman: (super annoyed) Do you want that in addition to the kids meal and the potato?

Me: Nope. Could I just have the burger and fries?

Wendy's woman: long now you don't want the kids meal?

Me: I never ordered a kids meal - just the burger and fries.

Wendy's woman: Fine! pull around for your total.

It was a strange experience - especially when I ended up with 2 jr. bacon cheeseburgers and the fry...

How's your week?


michelle said...

You do have the funniest experiences with people! There must be something about you that tells people they are safe with you, and can be as weird as they please.

Jill said...

Good luck finishing up the stories, I think they definitely need to be 100% you.

Your Wendy's ordering experience is so funny. When things like that happen I always expect to be on candid camera.

Tricia said...

don't you sometimes wish you could smack drive thru people on the head? i do!