Monday, March 8, 2010

Story #33 Someone's watching me?

The house destruction has begun. My cats, one in particular is have a small nervous breakdown. I think he'll survive.

In Junior High I had a great group of friends and we remained friends into high school - with one big difference - they all started to party and, being a good little mormon girl, I did not. This meant that I soon was just a school friend. No one wanted to hang out with me on the weekends - unless they needed a designated driver. (You had to be drunk to be grateful for a ride in Fred the Ford - our mighty Pinto station wagon.)

One day, my junior year, I was feeling rather frustrated about never being able to share in the stories or laughs from the weekend. So frustrated that I actually told them I was tired of not being included. One of the girls said, "We didn't think you would want to come, since we were drinking." "Well, maybe I do want come. Maybe I don't care that you are drinking." I said this in a huff and stormed away from the cafeteria table. Jennifer, one of my girlfriends ran and caught up with me. "Wait, Michelle! You're not serious are you?" she asked. "Yeah," I said, "I'm serious - I'm tired of not seeing you guys." She grabbed my arm and told me that I was the only person in her life that had ever stuck by their beliefs. She told me she would be devastated to see that one person stop practicing what they preached. She gave me a big hug and made me promise that I would never turn away from my beliefs.

I never knew anyone was noticing - let alone cared. It was a truly life changing moment.


Jill said...

Good story!

I find being an example a tricky thing, and am surprised whenever I am "outed" as one. It surprises me still that sometimes the very thing people give you grief for are the things they admire in you most. It's crazy!

michelle said...

DITTO to Jill's comment! I used to hear stories like this as a teen, but never really believed that they actually happened. It's comforting to know that they do. I can see how that would be a life-changing moment!