Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never ending sorting

My house is like a house is like an onion. A giant onion and under each layer is a rapidly procreating community of random crap. And in each one of these communities is a pair of nail clippers. Yep, nail clippers. Yesterday, in my never ending sorting I kept finding nail clippers. 5 in total last more today. I don't understand where all of these nail clippers keep coming from, because we have a pair in each bathroom. Yet behind the love seat, in a random box, under my sewing table, pretty much each new corner contained nail clippers. I just think that's strange. Couldn't I keep finding money instead?

It reminds me of our wedding gifts. We received over a dozen electric can openers. This was great fun for a number of reasons. First, we had not registered for an electric can opener...anywhere. Second, I have a weird dislike of electric can openers. I can't explain why - but on the annoyance scale they are at the fingernails down a chalkboard level. (Just one more strange quirk!) We also received dozens of hideous...I mean hideous picture frames, several of them containing our wedding announcement. I don't get that. I mean, I already had a copy. Can you imagine if you gave someone a book or say, a new frying pan and the following Christmas they gave it back to you nicely framed? Or, if you framed a note someone sent you and gave it to them for their birthday? Actually, the idea of that has me laughing so hard that I am weeping. (FYI -We did not receive any plates, flatware, towels or pans.)


Jill said...

I'd like you to get to the bottom of the nail clipper issue, who is the culprit? I'm thinking it must be Bob because the girls are unlikely to be buying nail clippers on a regular basis, but I could be wrong.

I don't open cans enough to need an electric can opener, that would just be one more thing on the counter.

michelle said...

Yeah, why couldn't you find $20 bills in all of those communities? Man, I never find money.

I hate electric can openers, too. They're weird.

We got a lot of strange wedding gifts, too, including many candelabras and about 20 glass bowls. And a bar of Nu-Skin soap. Not much of anything from our registry.

I hope all of this sorting work will soon be worth it!!