Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Story #20 The Perfect Day

I may be talking about today - but it is counting as one of my stories! I may only be halfway to my goal...but I am still going to finish my 40 stories!

Today may be as close to perfection as one could hope for - and it didn't even include a day spa! Today is my 40th birthday, in spite of my brief anxiety last night, I woke up feeling pretty great today. I lounged in my jammies for a ridiculously long time and enjoyed listening to many different versions of Happy Birthday being sung over the phone by wonderful friends and family members.

My parents came by and brought me a beautiful 4 generation photo array from me to my great grandmother. Then Christy and I went to Zupa's and where I had a super yummy "nuts about berries" salad and shared a sandwich. We chatted and caught up on each other's lives, which was long over due.

I then came home, plopped on the couch and read while listening to Nicole play the piano. When Bob came home he presented me with Gone Is Gone by Wanda Gag, both a first edition and the reprint from 2002. I was floored and teared up! I have wanted a copy of that book for about 20 years - it was the perfect gift.

The girls and I played cards until we left for a family dinner at some mysterious location. I was thrilled to walk into the restaurant and discover a room full of some of my favorite people. Not only that, but Bob had made (paid someone to make) a dvd montage of photos of me...many of which I had never even seen before! What an amazing, fun fabulous evening!

I have been so blessed to have crossed paths with so many intelligent, funny and talented individuals. I was so touched to see so many of them together in that one room - I felt like I wanted to raise my hands up to the Lord and thank him right there and then for this group of guardian angels who have blessed my life!

I am so grateful to Bob for all of his effort in making this such an amazing day - I love you, Babe!!

I was also touched that dear Jill had sent a present along with Michelle to the party. Her card was short, but profound and made me realize this is where true equanimity lies:

Surely life must get better as we acquire wisdom and life experience because we know what to hold onto and what to let go.

Thank you dear friends for helping to make this a perfect day!


michelle said...

I am just thrilled that you had a perfect day!!

I had no idea about the book gift (or that you wanted that), way to go, Bob!

Seeing you walk in and just look around at all of those people who love you was priceless.

Jill's comment is so profound, it leaves me speechless. A new mantra, perhaps?

Jill said...

Oh Michelle, I am so, so thrilled that your 40th birthday was a day of perfection!! Everyone deserves to have their 40th be an event to remember, and I am so happy for you that yours was so great. It's wonderful that Bob stepped up and filled it with so many thoughtful things, you totally deserve them!

I'm delighted that you liked my little birthday offering and am a little giddy about being quoted on your blog.

meech said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! I heard about the surprise party and was so thrilled for you! Way to go, Bob! May the next 40 be even better. xoxo

michelle said...

Oh, that's the book that Joanie used to read to you -- got it! So does that mean that Bob reads your blog? And takes notes?

Michelle said...

He's been reading my 40 stories. I love that!

Chris and Jenna Anderson said...

I am so glad you had a good birthday! I am very sorry we couldn't make it to your party but I was thinking about you all day!

ohiolanges said...

Happy belated Birthday! I'd like to think that if we lived close by we would have been invited to your perfect day! Please tell Bob "Way to go" from me.

I love the stories. I love your friend Kristen. I love the friend you have been to me the last 16 years. Thank you!