Sunday, December 20, 2009

Story #16 Practical Jokes -the early years

At an early age my brother Marc began to teach me some of the finer points in life-such as, why William Shatner made Star Trek cool, Why James Bond is the best crime fighter (it's the gadgets, my friend), and how to torture our older sister, Lisa.

There is only a year and half between Marc and Lisa, which created quite a love/annoy relationship. I frequently ended up being a pawn to be traded in their occasional squabbles. Suddenly, each would try to win me over to their side as a slap in the face to the other. They would offer to play with me, read together, play games - so I didn't mind their arguments.

I remember one night when a sitter was tending, when I was about 4 or 5, that Marc and Lisa tricked her into going outside. It was just before bed and they decided they weren't quite ready. So they locked her out of the house. I remember Karen, the sitter, banging on the sliding glass door begging me to let her in - while Lisa and Marc begged me to step away from the door. It was a rough night for everyone.

Anyway, in her teen years, my sister could be a bit moody, and therefore Marc was often inspired to play a joke or two on her. There was one series of jokes that he convinced me to be a part of.
The year I turned 8 or 9, my grandparents gave Marc and me footie pajamas. We both felt that we were far too old for these - but found a fantastic use for them a couple of years later.

Marc told me it would be funny to stuff one of the pairs of pajamas so that it looked like a real body. Using towels and rags we stuffed and rearranged until the body shape seemed just right. We then took a mask of Marc's and one of Lisa's pom poms and fashioned a head. We spent a great deal of time giggling and plotting all of the things we could do with "the body." Our first foray into "Lisa torture" occurred late one Friday night. Lisa had been out with friends and our Mom was also gone. I hid at the top of the stairs on one side - Marc hid on the other side. We turned off all the hall lights, so that as Lisa opened the door she was greeted with the small glimmer of a nightlight. As she stepped in to the hallway Marc threw the body over the stairs to as I did my best slasher flick scream. As the body crumpled at Lisa's feet, her scream far surpassed the strength of my own. Marc and I burst out laughing - which caused Lisa to alternate between death threats and tears.

When my Mom came home and discovered what we had been up to she was pretty upset. Marc had warned me that we could get into some trouble - but he knew just how to avoid it. As my Mom sat across from us in the family room and began to lecture us on our cruel behavior, Marc and I both began to giggle and grin. My Mom tried to be cross, "Now, you two stop your laughing!" But the more we giggled the more she lost the ability to do any kind of disciplining. She finally muttered, "Oh, you two..." At which point we jumped up and ran to our rooms.

Trick number two with "the body" only worked because my sister's room was always a complete mess. We arranged the body in her bed (which was always lumpy with blankets and clothes) and hid in her closet. As Lisa stumbled into bed and began tossing and turning, her arm went across the body. She paused. She gently felt next to her then went tearing out of her room screaming for my Mom and Step-dad. Marc and I flew out of the closet and ran into his room - wondering how we would avoid getting into trouble this time. I think we may have gotten out of it once again...Yet another great life lesson Marc has shared with me!


michelle said...

HA!!! I was laughing out loud when I got to the photo!! Definitely too old to be wearing footie jammies, especially ones with a clown face on them! Thanks, I haven't laughed like that in days.

ohiolanges said...

The clown faces on the jammies would have freaked me out more than the chimpanzee. I am still loving your stories.

Jill said...

That photo is hilarious and so are these stories! It's bizarre for me to see Marc as a kid because he seems like such a grown-up to me that surely he was born that way.

Tricia said...

i suddenly want to go out and buy a large pair of footie jammies!

what a funny story!