Thursday, December 10, 2009

Story #13 First kiss

My first kiss well, a little pathetic. I would like to say that it was a romantic, knee melting moment, but I would be lying.

In 8th grade a boy named Cam asked me to "go with him." Isn't that such an inane term? Not quite as clever as today's "going out"...but still. I liked Cam as a friend, but nothing more. I turned him down. The next several days he was so depressed that I started to feel really badly for him. So, I told his brother that if Cam asked me again I would say yes. Pity is always a great foundation for a strong relationship...tip from me to you!

The next day Cam asked me again and I said yes. For a couple of weeks the relationship consisted of hand-holding and listening to him moan on the phone that he wished he were smarter. Everything a girl could hope for. The problem was, spring break was coming up and I knew that Cam wanted a kiss good-bye. I had the typical concerns: "Will I do it right?" "Will he have bad breath?" "Will I have bad breath?" "Do I really have to kiss this boy I don't like?" I did kiss that boy I didn't really like (more than a friend). It was more like a mini-make out session where I was merely focusing on it not being awkward and hoping for an "A" in technique.

At 17 I finally had that knee melting, breath taking, head spinning kiss. Technique never crossed my mind, but that's another story.


michelle said...

Oh yes, a boy asking you to "go with" him. Bo Willsey asked me that in 2nd grade in the library at school. So romantic.

So are you going to write about the knee-melting one??

Jill said...

Great tip: "Pity is always a great foundation for a strong relationship."

My first kiss was in 8th grade also and was in the hallway at school, very awkward and much like kissing a parent goodnight. Yuck!