Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Story #12 Getting asked to Senior Prom

Quick note...Kristen's arm is not broken...whew!!

High school dance invitations here in Utah are crazy to me. Boys and girls alike invent all kinds of clever and creative ways to ask out their date....they can involve flowers, fish, decorating some one's car or room and so forth. Well, in Oregon we weren't quite that clever. There were only two formal dances a year: Homecoming and Prom, and the invitations consisted of a phone call or the whimsical passed note in class. While I had a lot of boy friends I never had a boyfriend in High School - thus these formal dances were merely a way to make sure that twice a year I felt like a leper. To be fair and honest, I did go to homecoming and both proms, but mostly with friends from church. I'm also aware that my refusal to get drunk or stoned was a huge impediment to dating success in high school. Go figure.

Anyway, one favorite memory from high school was getting asked to Senior Prom. I was sitting in the courtyard pretending to study, when a young man named Steve walked my way. (Man there have been a lot of Steve's in my life!) I don't remember his last name, but I do remember his confident "I work in the A/V department" strut as he made a bee line in my direction. He came over to the platform I was sitting on and grabbed one of my hands with both of his. Oh my! He then said, "Michelle, I would be so honored if you would accompany me to our Senior Prom." If you are thinking this is one of those feel good stories where the young lady (me) accepts, even though the guy is a geek, and just appreciates the courage it took him to ask, stop reading now. It turns out I'm not that altruistic.

I have to admit it was hard not to laugh. I mean he was so serious, and he still hadn't let go of my hand...which was getting sweaty. I told him that I wasn't going to go to prom. I couldn't afford a dress, but I really appreciated him asking me.

I did not lie about this. Quite frankly, senior prom was not that big of a deal to me. So, there on the spot I decided that it would be simpler not to go at all, then to go with Steve. (Yes, I'm a creep.)

A couple of weeks later, Mr. Wills, a vice-principal, called me into his office. He was the advisor for the student body officers, of which I belonged. I happened to be the Student Body Manager and was over all of the dances and assemblies. He had somehow learned that I was not going to prom and gave me a huge guilt trip on why this was NOT OKAY. I eventually decided that I would ask someone that I had a very mild crush on, to attend prom with me. I had heard that Steve had asked a freshman, so I figured there would be no hard feelings....I was wrong.

When Jon and I arrived at the dance Steve and his date came over to us. Steve said, "Jon, may I have permission to dance with Michelle?" Jon looked a little dumbfounded. "Um, okay." Steve and I stepped out on the dance floor where he informed me that he had been deeply wounded when he discovered that Jon and I were attending prom together. He had spent a great deal of time thinking about it and decided that we could move past it and still be friends. He also mentioned that his date was a better choice after all, since, even in heels, he was taller then she was. Had I known what an issue height was I would have worn heels to school everyday that spring. So there you have my non-heroic, "whew I dodged a bullet" prom story.


Amy said...

I'm just glad he could find it in his heart to forgive you, and that the two of you are now lifelong friends. What a great understanding guy.

Jill said...

This is such a funny line:
"I work in the A/V department" strut as he made a bee line in my direction."

Anonymous said...

I found my date on Prom Date Depot. I was a little embarrassed at first, but then we ended up dating for a few years afterward. :)

Tara and Dan said...

Phew on Kristen's arm!

This prom date story sounds a little like the first Twilight movie when Bella got asked to the prom.........

michelle said...

Sad that he was deeply wounded! But such a relief that he found it in his heart to forgive you.

Man, I don't miss those days.