Monday, November 16, 2009

Story #3 Guardian Angels

Just remember - there is no pattern whatsoever to my story topics!

Another story from college. My freshman year at BYU I lived in the dorms - Deseret Towers to be precise (which have since been torn down!). I was lucky enough to have an Aunt and Uncle living close by who would frequently invite me to their house for Sunday dinner. When I arrived at their house my Aunt Brenda asked me how I was, in such a way that I felt that I should be feeling worse than I was. "I'm fine. Is there something I don't know?" "I just thought your Mom would have called you about your stepfather. He is in the hospital. It's his heart, and things don't look good."

Now for those of you that don't know, my step dad....forget the step Dad is one of my heroes. I am so grateful that he is a part of my life! He has had heart problems to the point that many years ago one doctor gave him only 6 months to live! Considering his history you can imagine how stressed out I felt. I tried calling my Mom from my Aunt and Uncle's house but couldn't get a hold of her.

I returned to the dorm feeling extremely worried and sad. One of my girlfriends, Andrea, came in and wanted me to come play a game with several of the girls. I told her what I had just found out and that I wasn't in the mood. She said she understood, gave me a hug and left. About 30 minutes later she came back to my room and asked me to come with her. I told her I didn't want to, but she insisted. I followed her to the common area bedroom (for visitors and such) and there kneeling on the floor was every girl from our floor and most of the girls from the floor below ours. (It was a pretty big room.) "We all wanted to say a prayer with you," Andrea told me. "to pray for your Dads' recovery." She then gave a beautiful prayer, followed by each girl coming by and giving me a hug and well wishes.

I had never been so touched. Seeing all of those girls kneeling on the floor ready to pray for me and my family was an incredibly powerful experience. It only took a few minutes of their time, but the effect it had on me will last forever.

Now, almost (gulp) 22 years later...(is it really that long?) my Dad still has more energy than I do. He always amazes us with his recoveries. Isn't it amazing how the Lord uses other people to strengthen us?


ohiolanges said...

I love that your stories are showing different sides of BYU. We had to endure the bad to enjoy the good!

I have great memories of your Dad. Mostly from all the wonderful things you told me about your parents. But also from the few times we saw them at your house. I remember your excitement for their visits. Goodly parents are a blessing. I'm thankful you have been able to enjoy yours so close for so long!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, what a great story, I have tears in my eyes!

Bob is a great man, I am sure the Lord has preserved him because he's too good to let go.

michelle said...

What a wonderful story! I love it when people act on their desires to help someone else.

And Bob has more energy than me, too.

Tara and Dan said...

This is so touching! I love stories like this :)