Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crinkled Cars

I mentioned, a few posts ago, that I was in a little car crash. It was the fault of my invisibility super power gone awry. I was driving up a busy road when another car pulled out from a side street right into the passenger side of my car. She told me she just didn't see me. Apparently, my powers affect automobiles as well. It is not like it was night time - or a stormy day. It was the middle of the afternoon on one of those infrequent, beautiful fall days. There was not a cloud in the sky...and did I mention that I was on a busy street? My car, while black, is usually very visible in the daytime.

The other driver's insurance is paying for everything, which is a plus, but I still don't have my car back and I am truly missing it.

In a misguided "Bailey Building and Loan" decision, I told the adjuster that I didn't need a rental car, since we already have an extra car at home. (Please tell me you understood the "It's a Wonderful Life" reference. I just thought that if we all only took what we need, then every one's insurance would go down. Quit laughing - I have good intentions.)

For the past couple of weeks I have been driving our 11 year old mini-van, lovingly named the Loser Cruiser, which has been exciting for all the wrong reasons. First, I can no longer surprise someone with my arrival since the squeal of my brakes can be heard for miles. I am trying to pump the brakes now and create some sort of rhythmic, musical experience. Second, you can only drive with one hand. You need the other hand to catch the nuts and bolts that seem to mysteriously fall from the car once you hit the freeway. Third, it is haunted. At random intervals, so random that it does not happen daily, the driver's side window will roll down. Now this sounds exciting, but on the rare occasion that I am having a good hair day, the unexpected wind can be very upsetting.

I am trying to just be grateful that I have a car to drive, but once you get used to a little bit of luxury, like non-squeaking brakes, it's hard to go back to....well an 11 year old mini-van. I miss my heated seats, my CDs (which I left in the car), my in car blue tooth magic, windows that I can control and the great headlights. I know headlight seems like a weird one, but these headlights have made all the difference in driving at night. (Gosh, that makes me sound old.) When I drive the van at night I keep checking to see if the lights are actually on - it seems like they do nothing for illumination.

I thought I would have the car back last Friday, but the body shop guy has had the Swine Flu and that morphed into pneumonia. I feel very badly for him....but I am worried that I will be driving down the freeway and chunks of the van will start falling off leaving me skidding down I-215 in my captains chair holding a detached steering wheel. I just don't have the feet power to pull off the Fred Flintstone kind of transportation. Come back to me TSX!


Jill said...

Oh dear, if your powers of invisibility have moved to include your vehicle this is a grim state of affairs.

I got the It's A Wonderful Life reference!

Why do you still have the Loser Cruiser around? I have never heard of a window just randomly rolling down, that would be highly disconcerting to me. I totally know what you mean about bad headlights. I used to joke that our old Honda had flashlights taped to the front of it.

Amy said...

I love this post. Not only because of the visual image at the end, with you on I-80 holding a steering wheel, but the fact that bolts are falling off your roof onto your head while you are driving kills me.
Oh yeah, sorry about your car that sucks.

michelle said...

Oh dear! oh dear! I didn't even know about the car accident!

The Loser Cruiser sounds like it might need to be retired soon, eh? (falling nuts & bolts?!)

I had to smile at you trying to save the insurance company money, that is adorable.

Tricia said...

i just laughed so hard picturing you on I-215 in the captain's chair and steering wheel in hand! but think of it this way, if everything's fallen apart, then you won't have to use your other hand to catch the nuts and bolts. so it will be free to wave at all those who are staring at you!