Wednesday, November 11, 2009

40 is creeping closer, can you hear it?

I can't believe I turn 40 next month. When I turned 30 I couldn't even say the word. I would have a violent physical reaction - but for 40 I am excited. There have been huge changes in my mind this year, most of which I can't write about out of respect for others. I have been through some painful reckoning (that word seems particularly relevant), and allowed myself to mourn mistakes I have made, difficulties I have gone through and feel this great sense of liberty. Realizing that I have a lot more control in my life than I previously thought has opened up this new sense of freedom. Because of this, 40 feels like a whole new chapter in designing a life I love - one with limitless options!! I am no longer feeling quite as unbalanced as I did when I first started this blog - even though the balance on the scale has only changed 15 pounds. When you remove all of that emotional baggage we all carry around - you gain a sense of energy that makes you feel 50 pounds lighter.

I have been trying to think of ways to celebrate "blog style" for my upcoming birthday and have come up with one self-indulgent idea. (It is my birthday, after all.) I am going to write about 40 different occasions in my life that have had some significant meaning. I figure this will be a great way to journal since my journals growing up seem to be mostly about boys and fights with my sister.

So tune in tomorrow - I'm excited about the first story!

P.S. I love hitting spell check and seeing blogger say "No misspellings found." It's like a pat on the back.


Jill said...

I love your attitude about turning 40 and want to embrace it myself even though I'm 20 months away from it.

Congratulations on the 15 pounds AND the 50 pounds of emotional baggage! Both are huge accomplishments, and really the loss of the baggage is even harder to conquer so that is no small thing!

I think your 40 occasions journaling idea is a great one!

I love the green color of your blog.

lelly said...

sweet jill sent me to this post, as i am struggling to find some balance with my 40 less than two weeks away...

i love your thoughts on designing your life. i look forward to learning about your 40 special moments.

thank you!

michelle said...

What a fabulous idea! I can't wait.

I too think your attitude about turning 40 is just wonderful. Freedom! Designing a life you love! Getting rid of emotional baggage! This has been a huge year for you.