Friday, October 30, 2009

So much to do, finally ready to start

Once I let a little time go by it is hard to catch up on things I want to blog about. So in the tradition of Tara, who was blogging about June in October, I will try to get it all in over the next few days. Sadly, one of the things that throws me off is not getting my photos downloaded. I know this is a lame excuse, since it merely requires me plugging my camera in, but there you go.

A couple of weeks ago I had a therapy session that left me feeling rather excited. He said to me that several years ago, he and his wife were on vacation, enjoying an evening stroll when they had the following conversation (my words, of course):

Wife: Will you play an imagination game with me? (She happens to be a therapist, also. Can you imagine what their conversations or arguments must be like?)

Steve: Sure

Wife: Imagine that you had a distant relative that you didn't even know about. He died and left you so much money - it was basically limitless. So first you bought all the toys and homes, etc. that you ever wanted. You shared with charity, bought your family whatever they wanted, fulfilled every wish. After a couple of years you become bored with this so you travel all over the world. After a few years you want to settle down back at home. What would you do with your time? What interests would you want to explore?

Steve went on to tell me about some of the interests he ended up pursuing. He said that he had used his family as excuses to prevent himself from doing the things he wanted to do. He said that he found he could still be a great father and husband and pursue target shooting, welding (for art), and sports. All things he had been interested in, but convinced himself that he couldn't develop these interests since he was a father and husband.

Based on this he gave me a homework assignment: create my list - sort of a mid-life bucket list - what have I been putting off? As I mentioned a few things to him there on the spot, he said "those are all things you can do right now! It won't interfere with you being a wife and mother." I realized he was right!

So my initial list includes:

  1. Writing classes
  2. Voice over acting workshops (I have always been interested)
  3. Travel
  4. Yoga

I reserve the right to expand the list at any moment! I have looking into numbers 1 and 2 and hopefully will start pursuing those next month. What have you wanted to do - but keep finding excuses to stop yourself?


Jill said...

I'm always waiting for the unknown relative to leave me the that not going to happen??

I really need to make a list because I seem to be full of excuses or laziness rather than drive, but that sickens me.

Good luck with your list!

Amy said...

Number one on your list:I think you're a great writer and I read lots of those chapter books, you know the thick ones. That aside I like reading your blog b/c of the way you write, I say go for it. Let no one stop you.

Tara and Dan said...

WHAT????????!! I'm totally never behind. And I'm totally not catching up on blogs you wrote a month ago...

Number one on my list: Being caught up and AHEAD of schedule... who am I kidding- we ALL know that will never happen!

Ok, my real list:
1. Hiring a cook...
2. Pottery class
3. Photography class
4. Paragliding lessons
5. Acting class
6. Visit every exotic beach
7. Hip Hop Dancing class
8. Feed the poor
9. Become a professional shopper

Hey, as soon as that relative leaves you the money I might need a loan to accomplish my goals...

michelle said...

I love this! How wonderful that you discovered you can pursue these interests right here, right now.

I had no idea you were interested in voice-over acting! You can still surprise me, girl.

I can't wait to find out about your writing workshops, sounds like something you will be great at.

I dream of studying graphic design...

Tricia said...

hey, we should sign up for a yoga class together... i've done it before but i'm out of practice and really need to get back into it. especially now that my lower back is already WAY too sore all the time for this early in the pregnancy!