Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Thoughts for the middle of the week

I love that Katie, my coworker, was hit on by a 77year old man while we were eating lunch yesterday. (She's 27!) I don't know if I am delighted by his moxie or disgusted.

Yesterday, while in line at Subway, a Dad was waiting with his 2 and 4 year olds (guesstimate). A rather loud dance party song came on and both kids started dancing like crazy. The 2 year old girl said, "Dance, Daddy!" and the 4 year old said, "Yeah, Dad - what's wrong with you? Dance!" I so wished he would have started dancing! It would have brought great joy to me and you know he must have crazy dance parties with his kids at home - no matter how uptight he seemed at Subway!

A mom in my 2 year old parent child class told me yesterday was her birthday and today she had a huge hangover. I felt very badly for her when I realized one of our activities was a tapping rhythm stick song! You should have seen her twitch each time the 15 2 year olds banged their sticks together! (Just another reason not to drink.)


michelle said...

I'm officially disgusted by the come-on with a roughly 50-year age difference.

I with the dad would have started dancing too!

I'm embarrassed for the mom with the birthday hangover.

Jill said...

I enjoy the word moxie.

The dad totally should have danced, poor guy.

A birthday hangover, huh.

P.S. Are you done posting about Paris??

Inside Out said...

I love your pics from Paris... Mmm... Did you love Versailles? Also what's wrong with a 30 something age difference? Old men need love too.