Sunday, October 11, 2009

A few things I don't understand....and a girl power weekend.

I don't understand why people put these vinyl stickers on their vehicles. Are people bragging that they can breed and care for animals? Judging from the number of these that I see everywhere, I have started to wonder if there is some new regulation requiring an ingredient list for every SUV and mini-van. Although I can appreciate the cuteness factor, I don't understand, in this world of identity theft, why you would advertise the number and gender of your children, as well as their extracurricular activities. I guess the one that really makes sense to me is the dog. This way if someone is tempted to find out where you live in an attempt to rob you - they would be forewarned that you have a dog.

Along that line, as I was driving home yesterday I saw a license plate holder that said "I love where I live." I have to admit I wanted to follow the guy home. I wanted to know what was so great about his place because he was driving a rusted out, dented sad little pick up truck. Is he putting all of his funds into his home? I truly hope he doesn't live in his truck - it looked a little too loved. Of course he could be referring to Salt Lake or Utah or America - but I still want to know if he has some incredible, don't be fooled by my truck, estate.

I also don't understand my new phone. It is far smarter than I am. I read about all of the wonderful apps it has but am completely stumped by it. There is absolutely nothing intuitive about it's function. I will actually be forced to read the manual and spend days learning how to use it....if I don't return it first.

Now these shallow minded meanderings may be because of my crazy weekend. Kristen had 11 girls over for a hot dog roast up the canyon and a slumber-less party. The girls were actually great, in spite of the fact that they wouldn't go to sleep. The shocking part was that mild-mannered Nicole unleashed her wild hysterical side and was louder than all the party-goers. Nicole and her friend laughed hysterically for approximately 2+ hours. I think even the 11 and 12 year old girls knew they had been one-upped.

Late last night Cathy and I took the girls to the Haunted Village at This is the Place Park. It is incredibly scary. The whole thing takes place outside through a farm and a village comprised of refurbished pioneer buildings. I was concerned when Kristen wanted to come this year because I thought she would end up with nightmares - but it only left her feeling like she wanted to vomit. Cathy's daughter, Sadie, is definitely a "flight" kind of stress responder. She would plow down any one or thing that stood in her way when a creepy zombie came along. The girls had paired up with Sadie hanging out with Kristen. The comical thing was anytime Sadie got scared and she went sprinting down the trail, you would see Kristen holding on for dear life practically flying behind her.

I would like to say that I am fairly fearless, but it is simply not the case. My vocal cords are still tired today from all the screaming.

Photos will be added to this post soon!


michelle said...

Entertaining, all! Have you seen the people who put the Apple stickers on the back of their van? Big ones for the adults, little ones for the kids?

What kind of phone did you get?

Jill said...

I am so glad someone is finally posting about the vinyl stickers! Every time I see them (which is often) I wonder what the appeal is. It's crazy and distracting because sometimes there are so many of them that I end up fixating on them trying to figure out if those are all kids or if that huge family includes the adults too. Weird.

I've never seen a license plate holder like that before.

My phone is so old I am no help whatsoever on your new fangled phone.

I am a "flight" kind of stress responder too and often have dreams that I'm not able to get away fast enough...these fears have been aggravated by 2 months of ankle woes.

Tara and Dan said...

Psh. Vinyl stickers are lame. Who would ever buy those??

*secretly removing vinyl sticker*

PS- love the haunted story!