Monday, October 12, 2009

Old dog, new phone

I really want to be able to like this phone, but all of its functions seem way too complicated for me. There are so many options and menus and functions and apps that I am overwhelmed. Maybe this is the first sign that 40 is around the corner - I am losing my ability to understand electronic devices. (Although, it did take me about 2 years to figure out how to turn off my flash on my camera....maybe I have never had electronic device i.q.)

Today, during Kristen's harp lesson I attempted to learn more about working the phone - and ended up in a very crunchy mood.

This has been my phone for the past several years.

It has been a wonderful phone. It is hot pink - so that alone is fabulous - and I figured out how to use it...including the calendar/date book, and all sorts of little convenient features, without having to devote hours of time studying. Plus, I have a rather cute polka dot wall paper. Now this may not seem like a technical deal breaker - but the lack of cuteness is not helping me enjoy the blackberry.

I know this seems like a trivial post, but it is clearly affecting my mood! Apparently, I am much closer to being a complete nut job then previously believed. I mean if my cell phone is determining my state of mind - how stable can I be? So, tomorrow I am returning the phone and getting something I can actually use and understand. A couple of days ago I mentioned I might return the phone - Nicole told me I shouldn't because my phone (the razr) is so lame. It was a sad moment for me. The problem is I thought I was a little fancier and more technically savvy than the average middle aged (gulp) person - but apparently not. Maybe I should buy one of those Jitterbug phones. Thoughts?


Jill said...

Maybe you should show Nicole the picture of my phone from a post I did a few weeks ago. Your razr phone is the technology I aspire to right now!

michelle said...

Just have Nicole figure it out and then teach you how to use it!!

Kristen said...

you should get one of the jitterbug phones, and then when ever it rings, start ballroom dancing. :D

Tara and Dan said...

I remember that hot pink phone!!

I can hear the jitterbug tune in my head right now...