Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pennies & Paper Clips

Sorry no photos...Blogger wouldn't let me add any...grrr.

A few weeks ago, Bob let me know that his work had a desk that they were going to get rid of and asked if I wanted it for free! I was definitely interested. Now my desk was workable...solid surface top, on which to clutter random papers and messages, four drawers, that stayed nicely closed with duct tape, and a credenza attached to one end, duct tape played a role there, as well. As nice as that has been, the idea of duct tape not being an essential part of my desk was appealing.

So, one Friday night he arrived home with an enormous 3'x6' desk cleverly crammed into the mini-van, ready for transport. The following Saturday night we disassembled (un-taped) my desk and somehow managed to bring in the behemoth new desk into my office - let's just say the elevator ride was interesting.

As we began moving the old desk drawers and random pieces to the van Bob notice several pennies and paper clips wedged into corners or being tossed from side to side. "Do you want these?" Bob asked. "No - I don't need them." I replied - as I then opened my new tape-less drawer and discovered a few pennies and paper clips wedged into the corners.

Which led me to thinking, as any over-thinker would, how many things are wedged into the corners of our lives, just taking up space? How many things or habits in our lives are just there, getting in the way of who we are meant to be? Why, for example, did I put up with a desk for 7 years that had to be taped closed? I consider myself to have good taste and yet I seem to continually surround myself with objects I don't like, don't want, or in some cases truly hate!

(I was going to say "as I continue to clean out my drawers...but that just sounds WRONG.") As I make changes I hope I won't fool myself into leaving behind a few things here and there - that in the end will just clutter up my life - or worse yet, wedge me into a corner. What are the pennies & paper clips in your life?


Tricia said...

i loved this post... let me count the ways!
1. you said your desk was "workable." that's the nicest way i've ever heard someone describe a piece of office furniture!
2. i loved the duct tape drawers! remember when that one first started opening on its own! creepy!
3. i'm impressed with bob's ability to get the desk in the mini-van.
4. i'm even more impressed with both your ability to fit you, bob and the desk in the elevator, that i'm pretty sure is, itself, 3'x6'! (this one makes me giggle a bit!)
5. you taught me a great lesson in a way that makes total sense. time to look for my pennies and paper clips.

michelle said...

Very interesting!

I sometimes look around and wonder why I am living with things I don't really like or how I let the piles and clutter just become part of my landscape so I don't see them anymore. I feel quite sure that I have a lot of pennies and paper clips...

Jill said...

Great post (welcome back by the way)!

I think I have lots of pennies and paper clips in my life, but I must be used to seeing them because I don't think to question their presence very often.

Chris and Jenna Anderson said...

Woohoo!!! You got rid of your desk. I miss you guys so much - and can't wait to come you when I am home for Christmas!