Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frozen at Snowbird

On Saturday we went to Snowbird for Bob's company family party....it was freezing! Utah had this painful cold snap - don't believe me? It was 48 Degrees in AUGUST!!! (It was a little warmer in the valley.) We still wanted to take advantage of free rides, so braved the cold chair lift and had some fun.

Occasionally, we would run into the Snowbird center to warm up....Kristen was, as always sporting fabulous fashion. She once told me, "Mom, face it...I will always be the girl who is okay with buying a $50 tank top." Which I guess is fine - as long as it's her money.

I tried to take a self-portrait of me and Bob - but my fingers were so numb that I didn't even feel that I was pressing the zoom. Bob and I both agreed it was the best picture we've ever taken....Look for it in your Christmas card this year!

Nicole on the alpine slide....the look on her face speaks for itself.

Bob and Nicole flying down the zip line! I just love the body language...

Bob on the alpine slide - I was so glad he didn't fall off this year!

A few job applicant updates:
A woman I interviewed went on and on about how annoying she found the customers at her other job. Gee, can I please hire her?
A cover letter from another job candidate mentioned that she had "a killer somersault." I love that!
I just received an email from a woman looking for a summer job? What?! It's August 11th...She is available until the 31st. Anyone else hiring?


Jill said...

Oh my, 48 degrees in August, that's crazy! I loved having the windows open over the weekend and being a little bit chilly, but bundling up in August is crazy!

I love super zoomed self-portraits, it's so fun to get something different. Your eyelashes look fabulous!

The job applicant stuff is too funny.

michelle said...

I loved the cooler weather down here in the valley, where is was about 72! 48 is extreme.

Kristen's comment about fashion totally cracked me up! No wonder she and Max get along so well...

Your self-portrait is great, that's my favorite kind of picture of myself!

Noel Family said...

MICHELLE!! Hi it's Kim (Skidmore). I totally found your blog off of Tricia's blog. Yay! And I hope you don't mind that I blog stalked you :) Anyways, I hope you're doing well and I hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog list. Keep in touch.

Amy said...

Michelle, Bob's left and your right eyes look so good together. Email your email, and I'll send you an invite to the secret blog. Hope things are well.

Amy said...

By the way my email, ha ha you might need it is

Tara and Dan said...

I just laughed out loud at your self-portrait. It looks like you ran into a window and snapped a picture at the same time.... lol :)

Dan and I spent my birthday up in Park City- those rides are a blast!!