Monday, July 13, 2009

the plumbing gene mutated

Recently, both my brother and sister had major plumbing disasters, which led my daughter to proclaim "I guess we're next!"; as if plumbing problems were genetic! I told her no - we had our plumbing nightmares at our other house. So this evening while opening the freezer to get some dinner ingredients I thought, "Hmm, the wood floor seems awfully wavy...I'm pretty sure that's new." I immediately went downstairs, stood on a chair and felt the heavy, wet drywall of the ceiling below the freezer...that's new. I called the plumber and then attempted to move the freezer (we have ridiculously sized side by side freezer and fridge units). The freezer was far to heavy for me; since I couldn't do anything I decided to continue with dinner prep. I reached to the back of one of the pull out trays in the pantry, not actually pulling the tray out, removed a bottle of hoisin sauce - and BAM! it collapsed to the tray below, irreparably bending the hardware that held it in place.

My mess is no where near the level of my siblings, but I am starting to wonder if someone placed a plumbing curse on the Olivier clan - or if there is some gene that is now mutating to include pantries....Marc and Lisa BEWARE!


michelle said...

Nooooo!!!! It can't be! Good grief.

Jill said...

Say it isn't so!!