Friday, July 24, 2009

A few highlights...

Summer is moving far too quickly but there have been some wonderful highlights. One that occurred this month was seeing my good friend Anne and her daughter Hannah. Anne and I worked together and had our first babies a few months apart.

We got together frequently and the girls really enjoyed playing together. A few of my favorite things about Anne:

1. She has a husband who's career has been spent in the cosmetic and skin care industry and yet she rarely wears make-up - she is just naturally gorgeous.

2. When Hannah was around 2, Anne convinced her that Martha Stewart Living was a children's show - so that she would sit quietly and watch.

3. She is dedicated and insane enough to willingly teach 6:00am seminary to the kids in her ward.

4. Her children filled out a "getting to know you" sheet for church..all with ridiculous answers and Anne was mortified that no one at church blinked an eye when it was read.

I miss having her around!

I am jetting off to Texas soon for work, because July seems like a great month to visit Texas. (If only I loved the heat more.) The downside (I'm sorry Katie - it's a downside) is that the gala event for the convention requires you to dress up as your favorite rock and roll star. Now there are moments when I could think of this as fun, but they are very few and fleeting. Who on earth am I supposed to dress up as? The problem is this - out of the 400 people at the function there is a VERY good chance that I will be the only one not drinking. I think costume parties like this become more fun if you are drunk. One person did make this suggestions to me, "Hey you could get a blond wig and be Dolly Parton - you know - when she used to be big." So as tempting as that is, I unfortunately am not a triple F cup, nor do I own cowboy clothing of any kind. Any ideas on what I should dress up as?


Jill said...

What a great friend! I love having old friends, they're wonderful.

I totally agree that events like this one must be more fun when drunk, otherwise they're just too ridiculous. I think you should dress as Madonna in the early years. That would be a fun costume to wear and your hair would work perfectly. (Think Lucky Star video.)

michelle said...

I seriously think I would get sick just in time for the costume party. And I didn't say "when she was big" about the Dolly Parton idea!!