Friday, July 31, 2009

Everything is bigger in Texas

I just returned from a work trip to Austin - Texas. The theme for Austin is "Keep Austin Weird" and they are doing a very good job of upholding their motto. I wish I had a camera but I forgot mine and Katie, who went with me, forgot hers, too! We stayed at the beautiful "Barton Creek Resort." It was surrounded by rolling hills lots of trees and beautiful golf courses. To keep with the "everything is bigger in Texas" stereotype - everything in our room was over sized. (This is where I desperately wish I had a camera) The head board was a good 7 feet tall, all of the light switches hit around my shoulder or above, the vanity counter and sink hit at chest level and the TV was enormous. The odd thing was the toilet was VERY low to the ground - with the TP holder about 12 inches from the ground - very strange.

Katie and I arrived early and had plenty of time to explore Austin. It was during this time that I discovered my super power of being invisible. Almost every shop and restaurant we went into Katie was being hit on. Now I didn't need to be hit on - but what was shocking was that they didn't even see me standing there with her. So not only do I have the wedding "deflector" ring, but I am also invisible - but for Katie it was fabulous. She didn't even care if the guys were on the creepy side - she claims that no one in Salt Lake hits on her...which I know isn't true since both the mailman and a waiter at a nearby restaurant have asked her out.

The great thing about conferences for work is that it gets you all motivated and excited about what you are doing - so for that I am very grateful.

The thing I was most grateful for? I came home to a clean house...YIPPEE! Now - Off to work!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A few highlights...

Summer is moving far too quickly but there have been some wonderful highlights. One that occurred this month was seeing my good friend Anne and her daughter Hannah. Anne and I worked together and had our first babies a few months apart.

We got together frequently and the girls really enjoyed playing together. A few of my favorite things about Anne:

1. She has a husband who's career has been spent in the cosmetic and skin care industry and yet she rarely wears make-up - she is just naturally gorgeous.

2. When Hannah was around 2, Anne convinced her that Martha Stewart Living was a children's show - so that she would sit quietly and watch.

3. She is dedicated and insane enough to willingly teach 6:00am seminary to the kids in her ward.

4. Her children filled out a "getting to know you" sheet for church..all with ridiculous answers and Anne was mortified that no one at church blinked an eye when it was read.

I miss having her around!

I am jetting off to Texas soon for work, because July seems like a great month to visit Texas. (If only I loved the heat more.) The downside (I'm sorry Katie - it's a downside) is that the gala event for the convention requires you to dress up as your favorite rock and roll star. Now there are moments when I could think of this as fun, but they are very few and fleeting. Who on earth am I supposed to dress up as? The problem is this - out of the 400 people at the function there is a VERY good chance that I will be the only one not drinking. I think costume parties like this become more fun if you are drunk. One person did make this suggestions to me, "Hey you could get a blond wig and be Dolly Parton - you know - when she used to be big." So as tempting as that is, I unfortunately am not a triple F cup, nor do I own cowboy clothing of any kind. Any ideas on what I should dress up as?

Monday, July 13, 2009

the plumbing gene mutated

Recently, both my brother and sister had major plumbing disasters, which led my daughter to proclaim "I guess we're next!"; as if plumbing problems were genetic! I told her no - we had our plumbing nightmares at our other house. So this evening while opening the freezer to get some dinner ingredients I thought, "Hmm, the wood floor seems awfully wavy...I'm pretty sure that's new." I immediately went downstairs, stood on a chair and felt the heavy, wet drywall of the ceiling below the freezer...that's new. I called the plumber and then attempted to move the freezer (we have ridiculously sized side by side freezer and fridge units). The freezer was far to heavy for me; since I couldn't do anything I decided to continue with dinner prep. I reached to the back of one of the pull out trays in the pantry, not actually pulling the tray out, removed a bottle of hoisin sauce - and BAM! it collapsed to the tray below, irreparably bending the hardware that held it in place.

My mess is no where near the level of my siblings, but I am starting to wonder if someone placed a plumbing curse on the Olivier clan - or if there is some gene that is now mutating to include pantries....Marc and Lisa BEWARE!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Graffitti Toes

Today Cathy and I went to have pedicures, as we try to do once month, and things went awry. When the pedicurist asked if I wanted a flower and I said yes, she quickly went to work. The problem is she didn't seem to know when to stop. First there was a flower, very cute, then the little polka dots, also very cute. But then things took a scary direction. I think she became so involved in her work that she forgot her canvas was attached to my body. Next the neon orange came out - not necessarily a bad color - for a hunter - but it didn't quite go with my purplish pink polish. But the fun didn't stop there, because lo and behold she found silver and a star quickly emerged on each toe...but wait at the bottom of the basket is a small bottle of gold glitter - we have to include gold...but where to put it? Why, everywhere, of course. Oh my goodness is that more glitter? And rainbow colored to boot?! I have so much paint on each toe, that I may only be able to wear sandals, for fear my big toes won't fit in my other shoes.

Now, I know I should have stopped her, said something, had her start over...but I just didn't have it in me. It would be along the lines of breaking up with your hairstylist. Besides, I can hardly understand any of her broken English, which makes me feel badly, I mean she tries so not being thrilled with the results I had to do I tipped her 20%. That'll show her! (And it makes me giggle that I have a label of toes on my blog.)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Words of wisdom

My sister-in-law had the following quote on her blog recently:

"I know Heavenly Father loves me by the people He puts into my life."

I found this simple statement beautiful and thought provoking, but it also made me realize something: When I am really struggling I suddenly come upon magazine articles, emails, books that seem to speak to my soul. I guess Heavenly Father knows the best way to reach each of us. In an earlier post I told about discovering the book The Self Esteem Trap, this moment led to deciding I had a right to happiness, and explained some of the reasons I was struggling. So after my global admission of being assaulted and wondering "Now what?" a few words of wisdom fell into my lap.

The first came from an "O" magazine. I never read this particular magazine - in fact I have been letting all my magazine subscriptions end because I never have time to read them, but on my lunch break yesterday I felt very drawn to purchasing this magazine. Inside is an article entitled "When Your Biggest Problem Is...You" (which you can tell is a great article since it quotes the Princess Bride) which discusses an issue called "counter phobic mechanism, a tendency to slide toward, not away from, something you fear. Those of us who use plain English might call it self-sabotage - and it can ruin your life." In a very "anti-law of attraction" suggestion - it says that if we don't allow ourselves the opportunity to go straight to the heart of our fears and figure out how we would, in reality handle them we would unconsciously end up sabotaging ourselves.

I had a conversation with Kristen one time about anxiety. The poor girl is obsessed with them, as am I (wonder where she got that from?), when I went to respond to one of her fears, she said "I know you are going to tell me not to worry because that will never happen." I replied, "No, that is not what I was going to say. Bad things happen to everyone, but I know that you are strong enough to deal with whatever comes your way." I realized I have never given myself that same kind of encouragement.

Things I used to, and still stress about, have happened. I am overweight, marriage has definitely had some bumps in the road, I am a working Mom whose business is barely squeaking by, but I am still here. Worrying that it would happen didn't stop it from happening. In spite of what happened to me years ago, I have survived, now I just want to be able to be free of some of that anxiety and self-loathing.