Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dance your heart out!

On Saturday Nicole was part of a dance competition at Lagoon. It was a rather long and soggy day - but after a rough Friday - a surprisingly nice way to be unavailable. Nicole was rather fabulous, if I do say so myself, and I enjoyed spending the day with my good friend (and mother to Sadie, another dancer) Cathy. Unfortunately, part way through the day my camera batteries died and I was unable to take too many pictures.

One of my favorite things was watching the little 3 year old girls perform. On one of the dances there was only 3 girls - one was bawling hysterically, one looked like she was going to faint at any moment and the other was basking in the opportunity to dance around while everyone cheered her on. It was so cute!! It reminded me of taking ballet when I was little. My mom, or maybe one of her friends, had given me a very bright red and white polka-dotted leotard with tutu attached. I felt fabulous in it. So you can imagine my dismay when my ballet teacher explained that I could only wear black leotard and would not be allowed to wear that leotard to class again. Not only did I refuse to dance that day - I also refused to return. Fashion statements at the age of 4 and 5 are crucial.

Highlight of today - getting spontaneous hugs from someone else's 4 year old class -

Sad moment of the day - seeing Danny try to sing a rock song on American Idol...


Tricia said...

i would have refused to dance too!!! puh! who do you think you are dance lady!

michelle said...

You are so right about the fashion statements of 4 year olds!!

Glad you had a good distraction, much needed I am sure.

I think Danny and Kris both should have taken a rock song and then put their own stamp on it. Oh well.

Jill said...

It's so interesting to think of the various personalities going on with the 3 different, little dancers. I probably would have been the one who looked like she was going to faint dang it.