Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week in Review - get comfy - it's a long post

Too busy! So a quick recap of an exciting week - with a few beneficial tips:

I received my first speeding ticket ever. It was a beautiful morning - I was feeling happy and enjoying the sun - I unrolled the windows and turned up the radio and saw the policeman wave me over to the side of the road. Here is the beneficial tip: Apparently traffic violations are no joking matter (as I was told) but he did bump it down to 5 miles over - instead of the 13 I was actually going...not to mention that I didn't have my insurance card and my tags had just expired.Wednesday I went to a "Spring Cleaning for The Inside" class with Denise Druce. (blurry picture above) It was a 2 hour class where she talked to us about spring cleaning our lives; we had a one hour group fitness class and we discussed nutrition. I have barely been able to walk since. But I must say Denise is one of the most amazing people I know - she has a very realistic approach to good health and has this amazing way of making you feel like you can accomplish your goals. (If you don't know Denise go to - if you are trying to improve your health do her breakthrough program, it's free.) She gave us a printout of ideas to get started on to Spring Clean our lives - there were 6 ideas - we had to pick one. This is mine

"Clean out anger, hatred, jealousy, and self doubt. If you need to
apologize, bit the bullet and do it. If you're still angry and waiting on
an apology from someone who won't or can't give you one, decide to let it
go. It's not contributing to your life - in fact it's contaminating it -
so is needs to go to the junk heap at the curb. Only then can you put
something positive in it's place. Make some room for happiness."

I learned that to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses they need to be slightly wider than the widest part of your face - these seemed about right. Thursday my girls both had a bunch of friends over - it never ceases to amaze how loud they can all be.

(Nicole and Cathy's daughter Sadie)

Saturday Nicole and I did the MS 5K on our fabulous friend Cathy's team. We were thrilled that the rain held off until the walk was over - I was thrilled that I regained my ability to move my legs. (see Wednesday) The crowd was HUGE - it was great to see such a good turnout on a cold, stormy day. The picture doesn't do it justice - there were hundreds of people - maybe more than a thousand.

Right after that Michelle, her kids and my parents came over for an Easter egg hunt and for lunch. I was worried that we were going to have an indoor hunt - but once again the weather held off. The bizarre thing was later when the kids were jumping on the trampoline in the back, Michelle and I saw it pouring in the front - the cloud break was right over the house - no rain in back - but pouring in the front.

Yea! Spring is coming - I just hope the snow on Wednesday won't smash my daffodils!

And today - Easter Sunday - my girls looked rather smashing in their Easter finery...

It is my month to lead the music in primary. I thought a good "wiggle song" would be the following:

Sung to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" there are hand motions - but that's unimportant for the story.

Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear, little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear, Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear so he flicked it and it flew away.

Me: Now what body part should we pick - where should the fly go?

Child 1: The fly should go to the store!

Me: Okay - but how about a body part - like maybe your mouth?

Child 2: I don't want a fly on my mouth, they have germs, they make you sick.

Me: Well we could pretend it's something else flying around...

Child 2: Like a dragon?

Me: How about a butterfly?

Child 3: I like fairies!

Me: Fairies are cool - okay let's sing our mouth this time.

I start singing..

Child 2: She put a fly on her mouth...gross.

So that didn't go so well. But I did like when someone showed a painting of The Last Supper one of the 3 year olds said "I know what that is. It's The Last Dinner!"

My parents came over for Easter dinner

And I had the first time since the beginning of the week to sit down and post to my blog! I hope you had a wonderful Easter - and to all of you lurkers - let's see some comments!!


Jill said...

We got a ticket last night for having expired tags (@#$!).

I've never heard of Denise Druce, but I know I could use some internal spring cleaning.

You look smashing in those sunglasses, where can I find a pair?

We ended up doing our egg hunt inside at my parents' house...not ideal.

michelle said...

I got a chuckle over your police officer with little sense of humor. But then I read Jill's comment and realized my tags are expired! Uh oh.

I really like the item you chose from the Spring cleaning list, that's just plain healthy.

How can you look so cute in those glasses?

I'm impressed that you did the 5K and was relieved that it didn't rain on you. So funny about the rain in the front of your house but not the back!

I'm totally grossed out that you put a fly on your mouth :).