Thursday, April 16, 2009

A very entertaining story

So I get a lot of wonderful stories from the kids at work - but this one came from a Dad (I have changed the names just in case).

There is a Dad, Jeff who brings his 3 kids to the gym. He owns several properties and manages them himself - so he is pretty much the stay at home parent. One of his boys loves princesses, barbies and sparkly nail polish. The Dad has come to terms with this and is kind of hoping this is just a phase. (The boy is 4.) Well one of the houses he owns he rents to some of the Real Salt Lake players. As he was waiting for one of the players to come over and sign some papers Jeff started telling his kids how he used to play sports in college and was actually pretty good - but the man who was coming over was such a good athlete he was able to have that as his job. Shortly after that the Real player came over. While Jeff went to get the papers the soccer player asked the kids if they liked any sports. The older son and daughter immediately said "YES!" The 4 year old, Jacob, didn't answer so the Real player asked him if he liked sports too. Jacob said "I am not really into sports right now. What I am really into is my Easy Bake Oven." He said this just as Jeff returned. It cracked me up!


Jill said...

Great story! I love it when little boys like to play with girlie stuff. I have a friend whose 4.5 year old son is way into princesses and has been so for several years. Her stories are always funny.

michelle said...

That is too funny. I was also thinking of my friend whose little boy loves princesses. It drives his dad crazy, but it sure is good fodder for entertaining stories!

Chris and Jenna Anderson said...

I love this story! I what Chris would do if Drake does something like that. I heard you were sick, I hope you are feeling better!