Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Thoughts...

I can't believe it is already Sunday evening! Our church held its bi-annual General Conference where we had the opportunity to listen to the apostles and the Prophet. What a fabulous conference. It's great to be able to work with the primary children - but it is so nice to get the spiritual lift from conference. The whole choice thing kept coming up during conference - sometimes we suffer because of OUR someone trying to tell me something? I just love the rejuvenating feeling I get from listening to all of the speakers - it helps keep my life on track.

On Thursday I had book group at my house - no one was able to get a copy of the book so we just enjoyed each others company. It is so nice to be able to get together with friends at least once a month. As a social person I hate being so busy as to not be able to get together with friends. Plus it's good for my vocabulary - sometimes I feel like talking to 1 and 2 year olds most days is effecting my ability to carry on a conversation with adults.

One requested update per a previous post: The employee who no showed to work - I was planning on firing her but was bombarded by all of my employees begging me not to fire her. So I gave her one more chance and told her that she had that chance because of her co-workers. She has been getting help and I truly help that she will stick with the medication! Besides the fact that I would hate to lose her!

An update on the "improving my health" front. I have been cutting way back on what I am eating. Going to therapy has been extremely helpful - although I haven't even brought up food issues with him yet. He mentioned at our last session that addictive behaviors are there as a way to cope with pain. When you work through the pain you begin to lose the desire or need of that behavior. The weird issue is sometimes where I would have eaten I now don't know what to do with myself - so still working on changing my habits. This week I have been following the Slim-Fast plan - mainly because I had a can of it in my pantry - so not a lot of thought was put into it. It certainly has you noshing all day - which is sometimes tricky with my work schedule - plus some of those meal and snack bars require an absurd amount of chewing - to the point that your jaw gets sore - what is that all about? A friend suggested that if I stopped drinking diet coke it would help with the weight loss......I don't know if we can be friends anymore...KIDDING! I know it would be good for me - but I am just not there quite yet.

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michelle said...

Conference weekend always puts me on a high -- love it.

So what was the book you were supposed to read that no one could get??

Your employee has got some good friends supporting her! I hope she proves deserving of a second chance.

I'm cracking up over your jaw getting sore from too much chewing.