Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looking for the dumps? Follow the sound of my voice.

So, one of the many reasons I am not sure why I run a business is that I take things way too personally. I frequently make the mistake of thinking of my customers as my friends and therefore find it upsetting when they are not pleased with something. Yesterday this happened twice. One of the moms would not even look me in the eye - and usually we chat every time she is there. The problem is - I didn't do anything wrong - and if I had it to do over again I wouldn't change a thing - she just felt like she should be the exception to the rule.

Later, another mom (the one I mentioned Monday morning), talked to me for over a half an hour with her list of grievances, even though every other sentence she would say "Don't get the wrong idea - I love coming here." Clearly. The hard thing is sitting there saying how grateful I am that she feels comfortable coming and talking to me and that I appreciate the feedback. Technically I didn't give her exactly what she wanted - but she was happy at the end because she could vent. The problem is something like that leaves me feeling completely drained and depressed. I work really hard at a job I don't want in the first place - and as the boss, the few (and yes it is very few) upset customers are all mine.

So I raced home after that to take the girls to IKEA (they want to redo their rooms) and needless to say - it was not the good time I was expecting. So last night after I picked Nicole up from dance I ran away to the library. There is just something so peaceful about being surrounded by all of those pages. I sat with my feet up looking through some sewing magazines (which made me wish I had more time to sew) and followed that up by getting a hamburger and fries - old habits die hard. Then I got mad at myself for eating that. Am I a drama queen or what?! The whole thing got me all irritated with myself which led to me looking at blogs at 2 in the morning until about 4.

Now this morning I just feel out of sorts, which is greatly due to the lack of sleep, and I am having a hard time getting excited about going to work and being chipper for 6 hours. Thanks for going on this pity trip with me.


Jill said...

I have a very hard time shaking off "feedback" like that. Even if I try to be open to it and level-headed, it still feels way too personal.

The burger and fries doesn't have to be guilt-inducing. It can just be a slip up in the healthy eating plan right. No need to trigger a shame spiral.

Reading blogs into the wee hours of the night is bad news. I've done it several times and the ramifications are painful. Hopefully the weariness will make you go to bed early tonight!

Gardner said...

It was so great to see you today. It has been way to long. I can't believe how grown up your kids are. THey are both so beautiful. Tell Bob Hi.

michelle said...

I would have a hard time not taking that kind of feedback personally as well. I can see why you were feeling drained!

I love what Jill said about your burger & fries. DITTO.

I hate it when I do things in the middle of the night and then pay the next day...