Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's your choice, why aren't you choosing well?

The title comes from an email subject line I received today. My business email account is flush with spam on a daily basis. I try to go through every day and delete all the spam - but I can never keep up - my email account feels as messy as my house - is that weird? So as I was pressing delete I saw this line (see title) flash up and it got me thinking - why is it so hard to choose well? My sister and I joked on the phone one night about how we needed a song that went along the lines of "How dare you offer me help!" People are willing to give help - but offer to help them and it can be like an insult. I am always impressed with people who receive help graciously.

Tuesday and Wednesday night I spent hours and hours trying to get my laptop to pick up our home wi-fi connection and was about ready to lose it! Finally I called Dell and within a half an hour everything was running smoothly. I always knew that calling was an option, it didn't cost me any money, but I kept saying to myself - I'll try one more thing... I was so thrilled watching as the tech support person (via the web) got everything perfect on my computer - just like magic!

My therapist is always reminding me that certain things in my life are the way they are because that is what I chose. He probably tells me that about 4 or 5 times in a session - so I am still waiting on the big answer of why we don't choose well - and why we make things hard on ourselves. I remember Saturday mornings when I was growing up, my brother would get his chores done right away - while I managed to s t r e t c h them out as long as possible - all the while frustrated that my day was slipping now I am trying to make better choices - or at least be accountable for the ones that I make...

One quick reality check - I won't be running my 5K on April 18th - but I am still planning on running one this spring - there are many to choose from. I had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, stopped working out and am now basically starting over from scratch - but that was my choice! I also choose to still run a 5K - so I am back at it! Are you choosing well for yourself?


michelle said...

Yeah, why IS it so hard to choose well sometimes?! For me, it comes down to: laziness, pride, self-indulgence, fatigue, etc. etc. etc. This is a good reminder.

Jill said...

I hate it that it's so hard to choose good things. I do great in many areas and then abysmally in others. I need to be better about seeing how everything is related to the choices I make. My word for the year is CHOICE for Pete's Sake and I'm still struggling.