Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Home Evening

Tonight for Family Home Evening we played badminton in our front yard. Never before have you seen such athleticism. The sound of rackets swishing aimlessly through the air, shuttlecocks hitting cars, flowers and Nicole (right between the eyes - don't worry she had on sunglasses.) It was something. If someone was watching us they probably would be unable to stop laughing. The lack of any sort of hand-eye coordination was spectacular - and our rules became creative. We are now strong believers in volleyball rules for badminton; in other words, you can have 3 hits on the same side before the shuttlecock or Nicole goes over the net (it was a rough game for Nicole).


Jill said...

That's a darling photo of you 3!

Badminton is hilarious to watch and to play, and is surprisingly challenging at times (I blame the lightness of the shuttle cock--horrid word).

michelle said...

Hee! I contend that there was such athleticism on display when I went to the driving range tonight for YW. Yikes is about all I can say about that. Way cute photo!