Monday, March 23, 2009

A very busy weekend!

This has been a crazy weekend and monday! At work we have a new loyalty program coming out and it has been very time consuming - so let me focus on a few bright spots of the weekend. Nicole is singing in the General Young Women's Conference for our church. The families were able to go to the dress rehearsal on Saturday. The music was gorgeous, the girls looked beautiful and the conductor was incredible. One of the best parts was being able to sit in the front row of the conference center! (When will that ever happen?)

Here is our view from the front row - the pipes of the organ are so beautiful! Only 4 of them are for show.

I haven't had time to edit the photos - so excuse the red-eye - but there is Nicole singing her heart out! (She is the cute one)

Cute Kristen - supporting her sister!

The view from the stand - my little flash couldn't exactly light up the whole place - but it seats between 15K-20K!

The Parent Paparazzi!

Afterward my Mom and Marc and I went to lunch and a play. We went to a restaurant called The Counter. I think one of the burgers could serve a small African nation.

This is Marc's creation - bleu cheese, carmelized onions, baby greens and roasted peppers - now if only you could get all of those flavors in one bite!

But one frustration has come up. My camera battery died while taking pictures of Nicole's rehearsal - my Mom was kind enough to loan me hers (Thanks, Mom!) So tonight I downloaded the photos I took so I could return her camera, and discovered that she hasn't cleared her card since Halloween. So I had the awkward experience of seeing all kinds of pictures of myself. I have decided that I have body dysmorphia - but not in the sense that I see myself as fat when I am thin, but rather I assume I don't look as bad as I really do - it is always quite shocking to see the mountain that is me. I am trying to think of it as motivating (trying really hard to not let the depression stifle my motivation) and more reason to keep exercising. Now I just have to work on the diet part! Sometimes it becomes discouraging because there is SOOO much to lose! Maybe I shouldn't have shown the hamburger picture in this post...


michelle said...

How exciting for Nicole and for you! I am going to be out of town during the YW broadcast and fear I may miss it -- do they show it on KBYU? I also found out that some of my Laurels are going to be in the film they made for the broadcast.

I have exactly that brand of body dysmorphia myself. I think I have a pretty good handle on it (not that I like it, of course) but then I see a picture of myself. Holy crap, is that what everyone else sees??!

Jill said...

Hooray for starting a blog Michelle! This is my first visit and I'm delighted.

It's so exciting that Nicole gets to sing at the YW General Broadcast, what an awesome, memorable, cool opportunity!

I love your pictures, especially the parent paparazzi! That's too funny.

I am all too familiar with the woes of body dysmorphia and have to revisit it time and time again. You'd think I'd learn from it, but instead I'm usually the one taking the pictures so I manage to avoid full-body shots.

Jenny said...

What an AWESOME experience. She really is the cute one!