Friday, March 13, 2009

I love kids!

Although I always hoped to be a stay-at-home Mom, here are just a few of the reasons I am lucky to work with kids every day (even at church):

  • 2 year old Max "Miss Michelle - I named my stuffed cat after you."
  • 4 year old neice Dana gently places a hand on each of my cheeks and while gazing into my eyes says, "Your head is huge." (It was a tender moment.)
  • Ellie, 5 year old at church, after I complimented the children on how well they sing she stood up, stretched out her arms and shouts "I was born to sing!"
  • 4 year old Alec says to other 4 year old girl "I can't have a girlfriend! I am only 4 years old! I am only in preschool!"
  • 4 year old at church "My Mom accidentally got candies full of alcohol - she still ate them all."
  • 3 year old Rosie "Watch out Miss Michelle, I am a handful today." (I appreciated the warning.)
  • 3 year old to one of my employees, "Hey, I know what your name is. Your name is Miss PMS!" (We couldn't stop laughing after that one!)
  • 4 year old Bailee from my advanced PreK gymnastics class, when asked to do a new skill on the bars, wagged her finger at me and said, "Honey, you did not ask me to swing on the bar!" Me: "Oh, yes I did." Bailee: "Oh no you didn't" (all with a little Twang to it; my favorite part was her calling me honey.)
  • 5 year old Chase to an employee, "Miss Shannon, you look hot today - want to go hot tubbing?"

There are many more comments like that, and I wish I have kept a better record. Many of the things kids tell me in all innocence are not appropriate to write about - but still very entertaining. I absolutely love the total honesty - with no ulterior motive - that you get from children. Of course I don't think I would find it funny if an adult told me my head was huge...


michelle said...

Yet another great reason you started a blog! Now you can document all the funny things you hear at the Gym...

ohiolanges said...


So happy to see your blog! Can't wait to get caught up with your brain and the lives of your family. It has been too long!


Jenny said...

AHHHHHHHH, FINALLY I hear from you! It has been too long! I miss you and am so excited to have a place to go and giggle with you. I miss those kids and laughing about the things they say with you. Hey we have a blog too it is (copy and paste, because I too am not computer savvy enough to create a link). We just had another little guy on the 27th of December I know who does that. But hey considering his birthday is close to yours you can give me some tips on helping him feel special. It was so good to see your blog and I can't wait to see more


Jill said...

These are so funny! I love the "I was born to sing!" especially.