Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy Weekend

I have been so busy there has been no time to post - but so many things have been going on! Most importantly Nicole had her 14th birthday!

The birthday hat and bear are a grandparent tradition. Today we had the grandparents and Marc and his kids over to celebrate with us. We missed Michelle who is partying in Denver. Eva, Marc's youngest was playing with some magnets that go with a game we have. I could not stop laughing! She kept saying to the magnets "What the? What are you silly guys doing?"

On Saturday Nicole sang in the General Young Women's meeting at the Conference center. It was so great to see her up there and think of the millions of girls all around the world watching. They gave the girls some great advice. They want each girl to pray morning and night, read their scriptures 5 minutes a day, and smile! They also focused on standing up for virtue and purity - and to be a friend to all. President Monson told the girls to have the courage to refrain from judging others - be free from criticizing and finding fault. If you judge people you have no time to love them. He asked them to have courage to be chaste and virtuous - and reminded the girls that the commandments are not negotiable. And finally to have the courage to stand firm for truth and righteousness. It was such a great evening! Especially since Christy and I were able to bring our younger daughters to the meeting.

Friday was a fabulous day. Part of Nicole's present was a morning at the spa. She had a facial and her hair and make-up done. Then Kristen, Nicole and I went shopping followed by dinner with Bob at Red Robin.

I love how fun my girls are to be with - it was a wonderful relaxing day!

One Little Gym story...I was at the front desk while a 3 year old class was going on. Through the window I could see two boys having a hard time taking turns. Suddenly one of the boys (Lee) bursts out of the door and stomps into the lobby - here is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Lee are you having a hard time?

Lee: Yes I am having a hard time! (crying)

Me: Are you and Trevor having trouble taking turns?

Lee: Yes, yes I am having trouble.

Me: Do you need a hug?

Lee: Yes I do need a hug!

We hug - I move to let go...

Lee: I am not done hugging yet.

Me: Oh - okay.

We hug more.

Me: Lee sometimes it is okay if you just need a break - do you need a break?

Lee: Yes, yes I do need a break!

Me: Why don't we go in and sit by the wall, and when you are ready to play again you can.

We go in and sit down, Lee climbs into my lap. After a couple of minutes he says...

Lee: I think I am ready now. I am done breaking.


Jill said...

Wow, Nicole is 14! Does it freak you out that you're the mother to a 14 year old? I think I'm going to feel like that for every age my kids reach. I'll be 67 saying "I can't believe Landon is 40!" I really need to just get over it already.

The video of Eva is hilarious. Those are some seriously strong magnets, so it's no wonder she was so delighted. They're movement seemed magical. It was also funny to listen to your parents talking in the background.

I haven't watched the YW Broadcast yet, but I've got it recorded and plan to hunker down with my notebook this week.

michelle said...

I'm sorry I missed Nicole's birthday celebration. I feel just the same way Jill described -- amazed each time my kids turn a year older. Sounds like Nicole had a very grown-up birthday!

I am so sad that I missed the YW broadcast and I didn't even think to record it...

It was fun to see the video of Eva, and now I know what her hair looks like when I am gone, yikes!

Oh how I love your Little Gym stories. The cutest little conversations you hear ever day!

nicool said...

I had a great b-day! Why can't I get my makeup to look like that?!